ASIN to EAN converter

Since I was needing an EAN to ASIN converter and ASIN to EAN converter (UPC/barcode and Amazon code), but could not find any on the web, I decided to write one myself. It is always fun to learn a new API (here I used Amazon Web Services). And when it works exactly as you expect, you are definitely API!

You can input several codes (batch mode) by separating them with “;” (semicolumn). The output will be one column with the original code and another with the converted code.

So, long story short, here comes the beauty, and the beast (also available here on a dedicated page/window):

This converter can easily be embedded on your own website using the following code:

<iframe style="border-width: 1px; border-color: #222;" src="" width="400" height="560"></iframe>

Release notes:
30/12/2014: Tab in URL and locale persistence.
19/12/2014: Responsive/Mobile-friendly version.
09/12/2014: Much faster batch operations, UI rewritten for easier readibility, and support for the version dated 2013-08-01 of the Amazon Product Advertising API.
09/06/2014: UI improvements for batch operations.
30/04/2014: Added support for BR (Brazil) and IN (India) locales.
02/10/2011: Added support for ES (Spain) locale.
27/08/2011: Added support for IT (Italy) and CN (China) locales, and the version dated 2011-08-01 of the Amazon Product Advertising API.
21/09/2009: Added compliance with Amazon Web Services new signature requirements.

Please feel free to report any bug you might encounter, or suggest improvements.

I may be available for consulting work or simply to share some tips/source code (a small donation may help get a faster response :)) on a case by case basis. Just drop me a note if needed.